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WSG Eagle Eye Integrity Specialists are experts in the benefits of advanced drones inspections, utilising UT drones, CVI drones, confined space drones and more.

Alongside traditional and specialist NDT methods, we have developed a process model that uses drones for retrieving data and planning for safe access when preparing for alternative inspections tasks, such as rope access NDT/inspection etc.

WSG can use advanced drones for:

• Detecting internal lining integrity

• Corrosion under insulation

• Detecting condition of distribution stray in a column through 50mm of lagging.

• Gas leaks

• Close Visual inspection of assets from 50m + away using 200x zoom and no requirement for access in sensitive areas

• Ultrasonic Thickness Testing of difficult to access areas

• Confined space entry into flare stacks

• Confined Space entry into boilers, vessels and tanks

• Confined space entry in large diameter pipes

WSG Eagle Eye can use drones for scoping out a task before planning further activities, often these activities can be reduced, and a more controlled approach can be undertaken.