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We offer High (HP) pressure and Ultra High (UHP) water jetting (also known as water cutting or hydro blasting). These are the most powerful and environmentally sensitive cleaning techniques available to many different industries and can be used to remove debris on a variety of surfaces including polymers, wood, concrete, steel pipes and copper.

We offer a diverse range of jetting pumps ranging from 5000psi-40,000psi, catering for all types of discipline.

Our capabilities include:

  • Drain Jetting and Unblocking
  • Pipe Jetting from ½” to 72” lines
  • Vessel Jetting – Automated and Manual
  • Heat Exchanger Jetting
  • Separator Jetting
  • Automated Deck Jetting
  • Manual Deck and Structure Jetting
  • Caisson/Riser/J Tube Jetting
  • HP & UHP to 30’000PSI