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WSG can carry out pipeline inspections including Long Range Ultrasonic Testing (LRUT)to assess the wall loss on pipelines over an area of 50m and follow up with corrosion mapping to gather quantitative data.

We utilise the latest technology on the market and specialist inspection methods in order to help focus on critical areas, saving systems which otherwise may be made redundant.

MFL Pipe Scanner

Using magnetic flux leakage on coated or uncoated pipes to quickly identify material loss – our Pipescan HD solution is designed to maximize speed, reliability, and confidence for the detection of corrosion and pitting in ferrous pipes and surfaces. It increases the total efficiency of integrity assessment campaigns by enhancing the productivity of the inspection team, optimising the workflow to include on-the-spot reporting, and providing the asset owner with verifiable, recorded data.


Using our specialist NDT examination methods, along with our experienced API 570 inspectors, WSG Eagle Eye can provide detailed and accurate system assessments through a colour coded CAD ISO.