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Pipe Freezing enables formation of internal ice plugs within piping systems, typically used to create isolations to enable intrusive mechanical works to be undertaken where existing isolations are not available or deemed suitable.  

Installation of WSG’s Pipefreeze Jackets to clients piping systems enables us to fill the jackets with Liquid Nitrogen at -196oC in a controlled manner, cooling the pipework and its liquid contents to the point of freezing.

Formation of the ice plugs occur internally where the piping’s liquid medium has been cooled to its freezing point, allowing formation of the ice plug within the piping ID.

Upon confirmation of the ice plug, which is typically confirmed by pressure testing or pressure loss monitoring, intrusive mechanical work is undertaken. Once completed, the freezing process is ceased, allowing the ice plug to dissolve and the client to return their system to normal operations.  

Pipe Freezing