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Our overhaul and refurbishment cover the complete assembly including Valves, Actuators, Manual Operators, Gearbox, Instrumentation and Piping. By stripping down the complete assembly, this allows us to investigate any issues with any of the components and quickly identify those that may require either repairing or replacing.

Whether your valve is 5 or 50 years old, we have the experience and knowledge to carry out a full overhaul of the valve using OEM components (where requested) to return the valve to a ‘good-as-new’ condition. Non-OEM components can be sourced and utilised where necessary if parts are not available.

The operator of the valve can be just as important for the function as the valve. Whether its Pneumatic, Hydraulic, Spring Assisted, Electric or simply a Manual Operator, all of these form part of the full service we offer.

Instrumentation, which can be the ‘brains’ of the valve assembly, also forms part of the full service. From simple Pneumatic Positioners right through to today’s modern Wireless SMART Positioners, all can be stripped and investigated to ensure smooth operation.