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WSG Enviro demo optical gas cameras

WSG Enviro Camera


WSG Enviro recently conducted a series of tests to demonstrate our optical gas imaging cameras and quantification software at our UK Headquarters in Normanton.

Typically, the weather was not as favourable as hoped but the Opgal range of cameras are IP65 rated and are able to work in varying weather conditions, providing clear results during the demonstration. We put the 24/7 and the 2.0 camera models side by side and used the EyeCSite to control both, also using the EyeCGas Mini.

If you would like to see the range of OGI cameras in action contact us for a demonstration at 01924 898250 or To find out more about what WSG Enviro can offer, you can view and download our WSG Enviro Brochure 2020 by clicking here.