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WSG provide Capillary Coiled Tubing (CCT) services On and Offshore.

CCT is usually run with ¼” or ⅜” cap strings. We provide CCT services in combination with .160” slickline on the same unit.

In almost all cases, Capillary strings are permanently hung off in wells. The strings are used to inject, on a regular basis, fluids into the wells.

Examples of the injection fluids are; Foamers, Inhibitors, or light KCl fluids used to dissolve production salts

There are several ways to hang-off the strings in the wells:

  1. On top of the wellhead in a specially designed hanger
  2. Through a Y-piece with a surface hanger
  3. In a specially designed SSSV hanger, where the control line is used to inject the fluids and control the SSSV
  4. In a special nipple in the completion, with injection string attached
  5. Several manufacturers have designed bespoke hang-off systems, WSG will help advise the best system for your well

Bottom Hole Assemblies (BHA) can be delivered by WSG, based on your design criteria

Surface injection systems can also be designed and installed by WSG, options to choose from electrically, solar, air or gas driven systems.