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WSG offer Slickline Services for On & Offshore as a complete package, whereby the dual drum units are able to run slickline/ braided line and single core logging cable from the same unit, without changing out reels.

All units are state of the art with PCE (Pressure Control Equipment) operated from the control cabin and have data acquisitioning as standard. The units are also sound proof and built for operator comfort, to ensure they are focused on the job. The unit comes with a variety of tools and additional lubricators as needed for the operations. Job programs are created by our engineering team where required (Based on individual Customers programs at all times), and our modelling software predicts when each individual operation can be performed, without delay.

  • WSG Slickline Services are based on using a wide range of line sizes, which includes 0.108” /0.125”/0.140”/0.160” wire always resistant as standard for Co2/H2S
  • Each Unit is supplied with a fully stocked standard tool container ensuring we have all of the required tools for a successful operation, the container includes:
    • Stems, jars, roller stems, hydraulic and spring jars
    • Range of blind boxes, lead impression blocks, gauge cutters.
    • Range of GS pulling tools universal pulling tools, SB and RB.
    • Several magnets, centralisers, bailers.
    • Complete fishing packages for several tubing sizes.
    • Spares and redress kits for all tools.
    • Workbench with vice and hand tools.
  • Slickline services can be combined with gas lift valves, well testing and data logging, memory logging, perforation, setting and pulling plugs
  • WSG are aligned with a number of suppliers to provide and run all types of plugs